Monday, July 4, 2022

Lonesome Wanderings, Session 5

 In which Badger:

-Explores levels 2 and 3 of the Tomb of the Blinkers.
-Locates camping hobgoblins slaying giant flies in level 2, with a large fly corpse beside them.
-Accepts their quest to give him a Helm of Teleportation if he finds and slays a giant fly.
-Discovers another snake friend, a pit viper whom he takes in along with Slitherly.
-Finds the hobgoblins gone from camp and decides to pass off the fly corpse as different fly.
-Attacks the hobgoblins after his scam fails (Slitherly and the pit viper die!)
-Kills some tentacle worms after chasing the last hobgoblin into level 3 of the tomb.
-Flees some wights, one of which energy drains him as he runs.
-Takes the Helm of  Teleport after killing the last hobgoblin.
-Locates the corpse of a deceased artificer in chainmail, covered in sticky substance.
-Teleports out of the tomb avoiding more wights with the corpse back to Kebi village.
-Tries to find jobs to afford the Restoration potion (3900 GP) to cure the energy drain.

Current Level: 3

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