Monday, March 21, 2022

Lonesome Wanderings, Session 4

 In which Badger:

-Explores south of Kebi village to discover the Tomb of the Blinkers
-Enters the tomb and avoids a giant cobra guarding a set of stairs deeper into the dungeon.
-Meets and negotiates with some kobolds, providing them rations and oil for safe passage.
-Steals some gems from the kobolds treasure and flees before they realize what's what.
-Fights some skeletons, leading most of them into a pit trap and handily defeating the rest.
-Returns and befriends the giant cobra by feeding it rats, and trains it to respond to a whistle signal.
-Gets confronted by the previously encountered kobolds who tell him to return their treasure and leave, only to intimidate them with his new cobra friend.
-Decides to explore more of the first level of the dungeon with the cobra whom he names Slitherly.
-Falls into a pit trap set up by the wily kobolds, unintentionally descending into the second level of the dungeon with Slitherly.

Current Level: 3

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